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  • wkhtmltopdf
    wkhtmltopdf is a command line tool that renders html as pdf using webkit.  It's gpl3 licensed.
  • remoteStorage - persistence for web apps
    remoteStorage provides generic json storage for single-user web apps.  Roll your own cloud-style apps.  rs-serve provides a minimal C-based server that stores files in u
  • How to use Chrome for full-screen Museum-style Presentation
    install matchbox window manager and lightdm # autologin with lightdm: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults --autologin myuser # .xsession file: xset s off
  • Async framework for python
    seems to be the hot (or at least super fast) new thing.  aiohttp with API-Hour
  • Mithril
    Mithril is an interesting, super-tiny MVC javascript framework.  Looks promising.
  • Color and Clocks
    Web based color clock Hex color live preview Color O'Clock - real physical clock with constantly changing color field
  • CSS Flexboxes
    Not widely supported yet but very convenient layout tool: Mozilla Flexible Boxes Intro Flexbox Playground Another Demo
  • P5.js
    P5.js is a processing-esque javascript setup that gives full access to the DOM and a lot of convenient HTML5 features that were not easy in processing.js.
  • The Screenless Office
    The Screenless Office is an artistic operating system for working with media, that eschews the use of a raster-based display. The goal of the project is not to produce tec
  • User Labor Markup Language
    ULML is a standard for evaluating the economic value of user contributed labor in crowd-sourced web 2.0 systems.
  • OCR in Javascript
    Crazy, decent OCR cross-compiled to javascript!
  • Python Search Machine
    Whoosh is a search engine core written in python.  Text based store, lots of IR type features, minimal deps.  Should be quite easy to extend.
  • Google Docs Killer
    Maybe not yet, but close: WebODF .
  • Article Scraping in Python
    Some useful libs for scraping content: Newspaper is a fancy setup with categories, metadata, downloading and NLP summarization.  Python-Goose is a somewhat simpler setup
  • Frameless
    Fluid layouts without a grid with a Frameless layout.
  • REST services in a can
    Don't bother writing loads of boilerplate to create a REST API (in python) these guys can abstract it all or at least reduce it to a matter of modeling: Sandman (makes thi
  • Shpaml
    Shpaml is kind of like Haml but written in python.  Seems like a much saner way to do templating.
  • Some Web Fonts
    Open Font Library has a big collection and a real CDN for free-libre web fonts. The League of Movable Type has a small but very polished collection of open-licensed type,
  • HTML 5 Video Tools
    Still a mess but steadily getting easier.  VideoJS is a tidy, open-source, client side player that supports pretty much all the important browsers and video formats.  He
  • Reverse Image Search
    Use Tin Eye and find out who is remixing, referencing or (gasp!) pirating your images.  It uses some kind of feature recognition to find matches between billions of crawl
  • Python -> Javascript
    Two cool projects that make it possible to run python code, compiled to javascript, like in a browser! Empythoned based on Emscripten Pyjamas - compiler and web app framew
  • RSS for the Dead
    Looks like a really well done spoof:  " Envoy " is a product that will reanimate dead in social media by using markov chains or whatever to fake posts and responses.
  • Google Image Ripper
    Pretty useful image browsing / stealing tool from generative artist Dear Computer .
  • Dynamic Web Uploader
    The same guys who came up with the TinyMCE javascript editor have now cooked up a multi-browser compatible dynamic uploader with a somewhat dirty sounding name:  Plupload
  • Google Sharing
    Google Sharing is a Firefox plugin that uses encrypted, proxied connections to make search queries a bit more anonymous.  It's not serious cloak and dagger level security
  • Quick and Dirty Uploader
    Couple of tricks for dirt simple uploads and such: using pyCurl and php via http or just straight up curl from the CLI:  curl -T myfile.jpg ftp://user:pass@example.com/my
  • Underlay and Overlay with CSS
    Two cute hacks with CSS: Scaled background images Overlay blocks
  • Web Vernacular
    I was lucky enough to meet Dragan Espenschied a few months back when he gave a lecture about the gorgeous new book he edited with Olia Lialina:  Digital Folklore . Johann
  • Distributed Search Engine
    Yacy is a distributed open source search engine.  Interesting as a way to avoid the censorship, surveillance and centralized control of Google & co.
  • Embedded Web Fonts with WOFF
    Firefox 3.6 supports WOFF embedded fonts .  Designers rejoice!  You can finally stop using Verdana for everything.  Now be prepared for a flood of web sites with bubble
  • Friendship and Web 2.0
    William Deresiewicz has written a polemic arguing that the whole social networking thing has a tendency to debase the meaningfulness of friendships as well as being sympto
  • Avoiding the New Big Brother
    Two interesting approaches to avoid giving up privacy every time you search or look at a map: TrackMeNot - plugin that tries to overload the search machine with noise Goog
  • Linux and Web Fonts
    Some good suggestions with comparisons of standard web fonts and typical open source alternatives installed on most Linux distros.
  • The Drop Shadow Talks
    My esteemed colleague Johannes Osterhoff has put together an amazing set of talks at the BTK on the collision of design, interface and pop-culture:  The Drop Shadow Talks
  • The Hedonistic Imperative
    So reassuring to see that extropian nutso stuff is still on the internet.  Come to think of it, in 1994, half the web pages on the Internet were like this.
  • Hiding and Showing Elements with jquery
    For reference.  Some good tips here .

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