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  • HTML 5 Video Tools
    Still a mess but steadily getting easier.  VideoJS is a tidy, open-source, client side player that supports pretty much all the important browsers and video formats.  He
  • Remix Theory
    Eduardo Navas blogs at remixtheory.net .
  • Radical Software
    Not new, but I recently rediscovered the Radical Software magazine archive .  Classic '70s new media hacking art culture, well mostly video really.
  • Movid - Open Source Daemon for Computer Vision
    Movid - is a back-end for CV stuff and it looks kinda nice.  It's got a nice graph based GUI config and spits out JSON over a network socket.  Supports multi-touch, TUIO
  • Budget Video Output Boards
    Some cool cheap ways to get stuff on a screen with a microcontroller: TellyMate MicroVGA Pollin's cheapo Serial to Composite Board
  • PD and Streaming Video
    list of PD GEM objects PD manual from FLOSS Manuals Ogg Theora Streaming Tools GISS network - free streaming read streams with icedthe~
  • Encoding Ogg Theora From a Webcam
    ffmpeg2theora seems like the easiest way. gstreamer is pretty doable as well.  some tips here and here .
  • Alternative Libraries for Video in Processing
    jmcvideo - uses OpenGL and Java Media Components - seems very fast gsvideo - uses GStreamer backend and allows for crazy arbitrary pipelines
  • Cheapo 8-bit Computing Platform
    Uzebox is an 8-bit RISC computing core with an NTSC video output signal.  It was designed to be an Open Source NES/SNES equivalent 80s video game console but folks seem t
  • mplayer remote control with slave mode
    Very hackable.  Roll your own TV studio.  Thanks to Linda Hilfling for the idea and instruction (via pickled_feet/micro research ).  Relevant mplayer docs are here .

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