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  • wkhtmltopdf
    wkhtmltopdf is a command line tool that renders html as pdf using webkit.  It's gpl3 licensed.
  • Watching desks grow
    Rather "paperless" and naive but cute time-lapse of changes in " The Evolution of the Desk ".
  • Proto 50s Design
    Alvin Lustig , if not the inventor, at least the most visible progenitor of American 50's "stick and ball" style modernist design.  The interiors, especially offices, are
  • Scanning with Python
    Some useful stuff: a python wrapper for the ZBar barcode scanning library. Find barcodes in images. Some useful examples using Sane and latex to automate scanner input to
  • Pop Culture Sours on Screens
    An App Makers Lament - suggests a mobile cleanse Louis C.K. won't give his kids a cell phone - says it's a cheap, shallow way of avoiding existential dread I Forgot My Pho
  • Inkling Hybrid Writing Machine
    Nathan Willis presented some experiences with the Wacom Inkling at the LibreGraphics 2014 meeting.  It is a real pen which records the physical action of writing as a sem

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