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  • Pop Culture Sours on Screens
    An App Makers Lament - suggests a mobile cleanse Louis C.K. won't give his kids a cell phone - says it's a cheap, shallow way of avoiding existential dread I Forgot My Pho
  • More Rustic Computers
    A Rustic Case-mod
  • Mechanical Turing Machine
    A rustic computer made by Jim MacArthur.
  • Raster and Servant
    Nice history of early computer generated graphic art at the translab.  Love the web design too.
  • Air Powered CPU
    An 8-bit processor that uses sets of tiny pressure valves. Quite rustic! Thanks to Jonathan for the link.
  • Socialist Computing
    Article , in German, about the DDR (former East Germany) computer industry.  The slideshow has some fantastic photos, even if you can't read Deutsch.

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