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  • more NLP stuff
    spaCy - another NLP lib for python.  The tagger looks very good.  Graphing is neat. Corpus of American Soap Operas - Darling! How! Could you! Compile! Such language!
  • SVG in python
    pygal - convenient generation of various info-graphics with svg, tooltips and even png export.
  • Quick 'n Dirty Breakpoints in Python
    Do it all with standard libs , no pdb needed.
  • Async framework for python
    seems to be the hot (or at least super fast) new thing.  aiohttp with API-Hour
  • Autocompile on File Updates
    Nice little python script to automate LaTeX or CSS compile actions when files in subdirectories change.
  • Convenient Shell Access with Python
    use the sh module
  • Scanning with Python
    Some useful stuff: a python wrapper for the ZBar barcode scanning library. Find barcodes in images. Some useful examples using Sane and latex to automate scanner input to
  • Software for Winning at Jeopardy
    The Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner is able to make inferences about stuff based on a set of formal rules and defined relations.  OpenSource in Python, it was written by
  • Some Alternatives to NLTK
    NLTK is great but sometimes you need something different or a bit more light-weight: Pattern is not so slim but has cool utils for data-mining, visualization, learning and
  • Python Search Machine
    Whoosh is a search engine core written in python.  Text based store, lots of IR type features, minimal deps.  Should be quite easy to extend.
  • Article Scraping in Python
    Some useful libs for scraping content: Newspaper is a fancy setup with categories, metadata, downloading and NLP summarization.  Python-Goose is a somewhat simpler setup
  • ncurses in a browser
    Bless his nerdy heart: I Am Kevin - terminal-based personal web site made with python + ncurses + javascript.  Also accessible via telnet.
  • REST services in a can
    Don't bother writing loads of boilerplate to create a REST API (in python) these guys can abstract it all or at least reduce it to a matter of modeling: Sandman (makes thi
  • Pythonmode for VIM
    full pythonic in VIM with python-mode (need to install vim-pathogen first).
  • pygraphviz
    Great little package for generating graphviz compatible dot-files.  Looks nice for graphing state machines, grammar diagrams and markov chains.
  • The Pirate Cinema
    The Pirate Cinema* is a cinematic collage based on Peer-To-Peer network activity.  I have been working on it for much of the last year with Nicolas Maigret who developed
  • Local network UDP broadcast messages
    This is useful for announcing services etc. Python UDP Broadcast and Recieve
  • PyOSD
    PyOSD is a nice little library that allows text overlays (90s TV style) on X-based displays.  Quick and rather dirty bitmapped fonts may not suit for all purposes.
  • Simple UDP Messaging in Python
    Not reliable, but nice and simple for RPC type stuff:  socket broadcast sender .
  • Quick and Dirty Debugging
    When proper python debugging and testing is too much and print just does not cut it, use show for convenient printed output.
  • Hacking Torrents
    it's pretty easy using libtorrent .  The python bindings are good, if poorly documented. Then go to ClearBits for some non-pirate content for testing.
  • SimpleCV
    Somebody finally wrote a really nice Python API for OpenCV: SimpleCV
  • Shpaml
    Shpaml is kind of like Haml but written in python.  Seems like a much saner way to do templating.
  • Machine Learning with Python
    scikit-learn is the module to use and it has some very well written tutorials .
  • Word Databases
    Moby - many wordlists, thesaurus, pronunciation - also in sql format AFINN - weighted wordlist for sentiment analysis - python example gensim - use python to make training
  • LaTeX and Python
    PyX is cool! "PyX is a Python package for the creation of PostScript and PDF files. It combines an abstraction of the PostScript drawing model with a TeX/LaTeX interface.
  • OpenCV in PyGame
    This looks like a good place to start: image capture using opencv in pygame a simple example of face detection (without pygame)
  • Trie
    A Trie is a prefix based, ordered tree data structure.  They are quite fast and sometimes superior to hash tables.  They are quite useful for querying substrings, routin
  • pycon.de Presentation
    I recently had the honor of presenting PyCessing at the first ever German Python Software Conference .  And check out the new PyCessing web site , complete with a working
  • Pygcurse - Curses-like lib for PyGame
    Pygcurse is a library for Pygame that emulates the behaviour of good-old curses.
  • Python -> Javascript
    Two cool projects that make it possible to run python code, compiled to javascript, like in a browser! Empythoned based on Emscripten Pyjamas - compiler and web app framew
  • processing.py
    processing.py is a hack / wrapper using jython that allows one to write programs in python that use the Processing.org engine.  It doesn't have an editor but functionalit
  • pycco pycco
    pycco is a super minimal, yet nice documentation generator for python.
  • Elixir Python ORM
    Elixir is a nice little wrapper that makes SQLAlchemy a bit more pleasant to use.
  • Build Python Bundled Apps with PyInstaller
    PyInstaller has a bunch of nice hacks built in that will supposedly make it easier to build application bundles including dependencies (like PyQt!) for Linux, Mac and MSWi
  • Binding to LDAP with Python
    Good tutorial here.
  • Python Math Music
    Nice little intro to using PyAudio and NumPy for procedural music.  Might be interesting to take some statistical input.
  • Packaging Python Apps for Debian / Ubuntu
    stdeb looks like it will do most of the heavy lifting.
  • Building PyQt apps for the Mac
    It took some struggling but I have Pycessing building a self-contained application for the Mac now.  Thanks to these tips: Bundling PyQt Apps with PyInstaller - Recommend
  • Quick and Dirty Uploader
    Couple of tricks for dirt simple uploads and such: using pyCurl and php via http or just straight up curl from the CLI:  curl -T myfile.jpg ftp://user:pass@example.com/my
  • (Almost) NoSQL ORM
    Couple of nice looking python projects: MongoEngine is a tidy looking wrapper for the MongoDB Document-Oriented Database y_serial is a seriously clever looking ORM that st
  • Yahoo Finance Library for Python
    Lose money the pythonic way: ystockquote
  • Simple ORM in Python
    This is a super simple ORM for python.  I wouldn't build a huge web site with it but it seems pretty elegant for 90% of what I do. Some other sqlalchemy alternatives: Pon
  • Make PDFs from HTML with Python
    xhtml2pdf is used by FLOSS Manuals and others to make books from HTML page layouts.  Supports lots of options and fancy styling.
  • Python Qt with PySide
    PySide is a new set of Qt bindings for Python.  LGPL licencsed and supported by Nokia.
  • Packaging Python Apps with Libs
    Virtualenv is a tool for building batteries-included virtual environments for python.  Looks like it will be very useful for packaging up PyCessing for the Mac and MSWind
  • Image Resizing in Python
    Scale images and make thumbnails using PIL.
  • Joystick Input in Python
    Two approaches to catching joystick events: With pygame With pyglet And here's a good overview on hacking MIDI/Joystick ports on standard PCs: PC Joystick Hardware Tutoria
  • Console Interfaces in Python
    Nice HOWTO on using the built in curses library in python.
  • Part-of-speech Tagging in NLTK
    Docs here.
  • How to Set Up a Python Package
    Quite useful post on how to organize a proper Python module package.

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