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  • OpenCV in PyGame
    This looks like a good place to start: image capture using opencv in pygame a simple example of face detection (without pygame)
  • pycon.de Presentation
    I recently had the honor of presenting PyCessing at the first ever German Python Software Conference .  And check out the new PyCessing web site , complete with a working
  • Python -> Javascript
    Two cool projects that make it possible to run python code, compiled to javascript, like in a browser! Empythoned based on Emscripten Pyjamas - compiler and web app framew
  • processing.py
    processing.py is a hack / wrapper using jython that allows one to write programs in python that use the Processing.org engine.  It doesn't have an editor but functionalit
  • PyCessing at the Merz
    I will be doing a PyCessing workshop at the very cool Merz Akademie in Stuttgart next week.  This was a great opportunity to stay up nights all week coding features, fixi

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