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  • Some Decent Alternative to Gmail
    For the post-Snowden era, these email providers look pretty ok: Autistici RiseUp MyKolab OpenMailbox Posteo
  • Google Sharing
    Google Sharing is a Firefox plugin that uses encrypted, proxied connections to make search queries a bit more anonymous.  It's not serious cloak and dagger level security
  • Anonymous and Encrypted BitTorrent
    Anomos does the trick.
  • Distributed Search Engine
    Yacy is a distributed open source search engine.  Interesting as a way to avoid the censorship, surveillance and centralized control of Google & co.
  • Avoiding the New Big Brother
    Two interesting approaches to avoid giving up privacy every time you search or look at a map: TrackMeNot - plugin that tries to overload the search machine with noise Goog

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