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  • The Pirate Cinema
    The Pirate Cinema* is a cinematic collage based on Peer-To-Peer network activity.  I have been working on it for much of the last year with Nicolas Maigret who developed
  • Hacking Torrents
    it's pretty easy using libtorrent .  The python bindings are good, if poorly documented. Then go to ClearBits for some non-pirate content for testing.
  • Reverse Image Search
    Use Tin Eye and find out who is remixing, referencing or (gasp!) pirating your images.  It uses some kind of feature recognition to find matches between billions of crawl
  • The Ecstasy of Influence
    Amazing essay in Harpers by Jonathan Lethem on the topic of plagiarism, which itself is a brilliant work of plagiarism (with citations!).
  • Anonymous and Encrypted BitTorrent
    Anomos does the trick.

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