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  • Screenshots as Historical Documents
    Max Wohlleber presents a series of photos (within photos) of screenshots in context, showing how the media archeaological nature of interfaces have a similar effect to the
  • ZebraTrace
    ZebraTrace is a Qt application that makes lithography-style images by converting bitmap images to wavy, curved vector-lines.  Make your vacation photos look like they wer
  • Camera Notes
    Pinhole Camera Aperture Sizing Writing to SD Cards with Maple Olimexino-stm32 Maple Clone
  • Some Novel Imaging Techniques
    Polarimetric Imaging: combines multiple polarized images to extract 3D like features based on how materials reflect light the ESA's Polsarpro library Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Open Source Camera Hacking
    Some folks at Stanford are working on a project they call Computational Photography . Cool to see digital photography becoming more hackable in the capture phase. The Linu

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