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  • more NLP stuff
    spaCy - another NLP lib for python.  The tagger looks very good.  Graphing is neat. Corpus of American Soap Operas - Darling! How! Could you! Compile! Such language!
  • Some Alternatives to NLTK
    NLTK is great but sometimes you need something different or a bit more light-weight: Pattern is not so slim but has cool utils for data-mining, visualization, learning and
  • Article Scraping in Python
    Some useful libs for scraping content: Newspaper is a fancy setup with categories, metadata, downloading and NLP summarization.  Python-Goose is a somewhat simpler setup
  • Machine Learning with Python
    scikit-learn is the module to use and it has some very well written tutorials .
  • Word Databases
    Moby - many wordlists, thesaurus, pronunciation - also in sql format AFINN - weighted wordlist for sentiment analysis - python example gensim - use python to make training
  • Robot Hacks: My Computer Could Write This
    Is Natural Language Generation far along enough to be useful for serious commercial applications?  Narrative Scienc e and StatSheet.com seem to think so.  Most of the ou
  • POS Tags for NLTK
    Here is a useful list of standard part-of-speech tags used in NLTK.
  • Semantic Line Interface
    A good, longish rant about how the future of interface design is not about shiny buttons, touch-screens or dumbed down UIs, but context.
  • Computational Linguistics Books
    Oxford Handbook of Compuational Linguistics Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing - Proceedings
  • Open Access Archive for Math-y Subjects
    arXiv.org at Cornell University has a huge collection of open access papers on CS, physics, stats and related quantitiative analysis. Computational Linguistics has gone op
  • Computational Reading
    Instead of "close reading" some propose a statistical / Darwinian approach to literature: Franco Moretti - Graphs, Maps, Trees: Abstract Models for a Literary History V. P
  • Misc Text Art Hackers
    Eric Scovel seems to be a guy living in Indiana who has studied writing and is now working on some interesting generative text stuff. His blog is here , including code. Th
  • Communications Theory Background
    Wayne Clements has a nice explaination of Markov Chains . Claude Shannon's original paper "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" .
  • Part-of-speech Tagging in NLTK
    Docs here.

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