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  • Bell Gothic
    The venerable Bell Gothic , geometric and very quirky.  It was designed by Linotype's Chauncey Griffith for AT&T's phone books in 1938.  It was supposed to be economical
  • Screenshots as Historical Documents
    Max Wohlleber presents a series of photos (within photos) of screenshots in context, showing how the media archeaological nature of interfaces have a similar effect to the
  • Watching desks grow
    Rather "paperless" and naive but cute time-lapse of changes in " The Evolution of the Desk ".
  • USB Legacy Floppy Controller
    Device Side Data have built a USB 5.25" floppy controller .  It's read-only but it supports all kinds of antique formats (Apple, C64, DOS, TI-99, etc.) and runs on Linux.
  • Writing Machines
    Nietzsche's Typewriter An Excerpt From Kittler's - Gramophone, Film, Typewriter Matthew Kirschenbaum is researching the history of word processing , including juicy bits a
  • Interview in Vienna
      Matthias Tarasiewicz made an interview with me while I was in Vienna for Coded Cultures this year.  I touch on a whole range of topics including motivations for and ap

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