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  • Screenshots as Historical Documents
    Max Wohlleber presents a series of photos (within photos) of screenshots in context, showing how the media archeaological nature of interfaces have a similar effect to the
  • The Screenless Office
    The Screenless Office is an artistic operating system for working with media, that eschews the use of a raster-based display. The goal of the project is not to produce tec
  • Ranger - a text-based file manager
    Ranger is a text-based file manager with VI bindings.  Dare I say "NERD"?  Excellent.
  • Semantic Line Interface
    A good, longish rant about how the future of interface design is not about shiny buttons, touch-screens or dumbed down UIs, but context.
  • My Kid Could Do That
    " Why Hypercard had to Die " is a longish but loving explanation of how 12-year-old kids used to make "Apps" and how the users of the 80s became the software consumers of
  • Qt Teaching Material
    Qt has put together a set of lectures and exercises for teachers.  I hope they do one on Qt Designer for the UI folks.
  • Console Interfaces in Python
    Nice HOWTO on using the built in curses library in python.
  • The Drop Shadow Talks
    My esteemed colleague Johannes Osterhoff has put together an amazing set of talks at the BTK on the collision of design, interface and pop-culture:  The Drop Shadow Talks

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