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  • Typing As Time-Based-Narrative
    Text is narrative, certainly, but aside from crime dramas, typing itself is rarely used to represent the story as a writing process.  Jaromil's TBT is software to record
  • The Screenless Office
    The Screenless Office is an artistic operating system for working with media, that eschews the use of a raster-based display. The goal of the project is not to produce tec
  • Electronic Pens and Paper
    Light Pen Digital Paper Digital Pen Pen Computing as a Category
  • Semiotics and HCI
    de Souza , Clarisse Sieckenius (2012): Semiotics: and Human-Computer Interaction. In: Soegaard , Mads and Dam , Rikke Friis (eds.). "Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interac
  • Joystick Input in Python
    Two approaches to catching joystick events: With pygame With pyglet And here's a good overview on hacking MIDI/Joystick ports on standard PCs: PC Joystick Hardware Tutoria

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