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  • eGalax touchscreens on Linux
    Some useful tips here.
  • Scanning with Python
    Some useful stuff: a python wrapper for the ZBar barcode scanning library. Find barcodes in images. Some useful examples using Sane and latex to automate scanner input to
  • Inkling Hybrid Writing Machine
    Nathan Willis presented some experiences with the Wacom Inkling at the LibreGraphics 2014 meeting.  It is a real pen which records the physical action of writing as a sem
  • Electronic Pens and Paper
    Light Pen Digital Paper Digital Pen Pen Computing as a Category
  • Chord Keyboards
    I was obsessed with 'em in 1995 but they never caught on.  The Twiddler is still in production though and LoperOS has a great ranting history of the input device.

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