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  • Bell Gothic
    The venerable Bell Gothic , geometric and very quirky.  It was designed by Linotype's Chauncey Griffith for AT&T's phone books in 1938.  It was supposed to be economical
  • Screenshots as Historical Documents
    Max Wohlleber presents a series of photos (within photos) of screenshots in context, showing how the media archeaological nature of interfaces have a similar effect to the
  • Watching desks grow
    Rather "paperless" and naive but cute time-lapse of changes in " The Evolution of the Desk ".
  • The Screenless Office
    The Screenless Office is an artistic operating system for working with media, that eschews the use of a raster-based display. The goal of the project is not to produce tec
  • Academic Lineage of Google
    Seymour Papert is the creator of LOGO and an important early AI researcher.  He was strongly influenced by the constructivist ideas of Jean Piaget.  Papert was the docto
  • Electronic Pens and Paper
    Light Pen Digital Paper Digital Pen Pen Computing as a Category
  • German Computer Art History
    Super resource: die Geschichte der Komputerkunst
  • USB Legacy Floppy Controller
    Device Side Data have built a USB 5.25" floppy controller .  It's read-only but it supports all kinds of antique formats (Apple, C64, DOS, TI-99, etc.) and runs on Linux.
  • Chord Keyboards
    I was obsessed with 'em in 1995 but they never caught on.  The Twiddler is still in production though and LoperOS has a great ranting history of the input device.
  • Writing Machines
    Nietzsche's Typewriter An Excerpt From Kittler's - Gramophone, Film, Typewriter Matthew Kirschenbaum is researching the history of word processing , including juicy bits a
  • Old Wax
    The Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project at UCSB has a huge collection of mp3s from old Amberola and other tubular-form recordings. All are out of copyright.
  • Nostalgic for the Future
    Paleofuture is a blog with tons of historic visions of the future, with nice scans, organized around particular themes.
  • Man As Factory
    Amazing german poster from 1926.
  • Radical Software
    Not new, but I recently rediscovered the Radical Software magazine archive .  Classic '70s new media hacking art culture, well mostly video really.
  • Sadly Too Smart for their Own Good
    List of Inventors Killed by their Own Inventions
  • Raster and Servant
    Nice history of early computer generated graphic art at the translab.  Love the web design too.
  • Nostalgic for the Future
    Popular Science has put up a huge archive covering the entire 137 year history of the magazine.  The navigation is rather crap at the moment (KW search only) but there's
  • Tube Radio Plans
    A bunch of nice scans of old magazine plans for tube radios and some other misc circuits.  Some seem simple enough to try.  Great illustrations too.
  • Socialist Computing
    Article , in German, about the DDR (former East Germany) computer industry.  The slideshow has some fantastic photos, even if you can't read Deutsch.
  • Mechanical Copying and Parallel Motion
    Of several historic methods for copying documents, one of the oldest is the Pantograph .  The device finds its modern incantation in the Autopen device which is designed

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