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  • eGalax touchscreens on Linux
    Some useful tips here.
  • Tweaking udev rules in linux
    useful for barcode readers and such
  • Open Source Camera Hacking
    Some folks at Stanford are working on a project they call Computational Photography . Cool to see digital photography becoming more hackable in the capture phase. The Linu
  • Simple PWM Motor Control
    Simple design with just a few cheap parts.  Works for dimming lights and other
  • Joystick Input in Python
    Two approaches to catching joystick events: With pygame With pyglet And here's a good overview on hacking MIDI/Joystick ports on standard PCs: PC Joystick Hardware Tutoria
  • AVR USB Open Source Firmware and Boards
    Lightweight USB Framework for AVR (LUFA) German Atmel USB AVR Vendor Dr. Stefan Salewski's GPL AVR USB Firmware Update: more links from Martin Howse : Teensy Bumble-B Nand
  • Cheapo 8-bit Computing Platform
    Uzebox is an 8-bit RISC computing core with an NTSC video output signal.  It was designed to be an Open Source NES/SNES equivalent 80s video game console but folks seem t

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