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  • The Rent Is Too Damn High!
    29/11/2011 19:00 at LiMBUS EUROPAE (at the corner of Kienitzer Str./Weisestr.) The rent is too damn high! You may have noticed yellow and blue painted boxes with our quest
  • Symbolic Capital at Gitte Bohr
    I will be working with a group of activists / artists during 48 Stunden Neukölln at Gitte Bohr to address our roles as artists and residents coopted into the process of g
  • The Detritus Manifesto
    The Berliner Gazette just published my short polemic "The Detritus Manifesto" as "Das Abfall Manifest" in German.  Thanks to Fabian Wolff for the excellent translation. 
  • Don't Blame the Yuppies
    Neil Smith in an interesting interview about gentrification in Berlin.  He says that Yuppies are not the culprits, large capital owners and their friends in government ar
  • Too Bad He Won't Get Elected
  • Yuppie Go Home
    Even handed essay on gentrification , post real estate crash.

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