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  • The In/Compatible Laboratorium
    I have a big show coming up with my colleagues from Weise7 that is part of the Transmediale program.  I will be presenting two new pieces as well as doing a Paranoid Steg
  • The Rent Is Too Damn High!
    29/11/2011 19:00 at LiMBUS EUROPAE (at the corner of Kienitzer Str./Weisestr.) The rent is too damn high! You may have noticed yellow and blue painted boxes with our quest
  • UKI Live at Berghain
    It was not the usual gig but I recently did a performance with Shu Lea Cheang for the 2011 Berlin Porn Film Festival *.  Yes, really.  We put together a crazy, diverse g
  • Insecure Territories
    I will be doing a workshop this year with Bengt Sjölen and Martin Howse during Transmediale with organization and support from 5uper.net .  We are planning to make an ar
  • Further Exquisition
    I'm off to the Piksel festival again this year.  Jonni Kemp and I are doing a geographically distributed, more analog process this time around.  Sad Sabrina won't be the
  • Piksel '09
    Some cool stuff this year . Too bad I don't get there 'til the 20th.
  • exquisite_code London
    Johnny Kemp , Sabrina Small and I have organized a new, ambitious version of our exquisite_code collective writing system.  We are going to attempt to generate a novel fr

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