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  • Ham Radio Kits
    Softrock makes nice looking computer controllable ham radio kits.
  • Hall Effect Sensors
    Melexis has a nice applications guide for Hall sensors.
  • Mobile Phone Detektor
    Nice, simple op-amp based, tunable mobile phone detector .
  • Budget Video Output Boards
    Some cool cheap ways to get stuff on a screen with a microcontroller: TellyMate MicroVGA Pollin's cheapo Serial to Composite Board
  • EE Primer Online Book
    Pretty decent basic electronics book / site.
  • Analog Circuit Design Tips
    A whole bunch of useful references mostly culled from the gEDA mailing list: THAT Corp. - Audio Design Notes Analog Devices - Op Amp Cookbook The Amplifier Institute Desig
  • PCB Printing with Inkjet
    Some engineers from Las Vegas have come up with a cool hack to print etch-resist directly onto a copper PCB using an inkjet printer with one of those CD/DVD printer gimmic
  • Drone Synth
    The guys at Casper Electonics have a really nice looking box that they call the Drone Lab . The design is pretty simple and well documented. I think I might crib some bits
  • Convert Gerber to G-Code to cut a PCB on a CNC
    If you understood any of the references in the title of this post then this little script might be useful.
  • Cool, FLOSS Friendly FPGA Board
    This board is from a little company here in Germany.  They support open source development.  Quite a decent price too.
  • Simple PWM Motor Control
    Simple design with just a few cheap parts.  Works for dimming lights and other
  • Joystick Input in Python
    Two approaches to catching joystick events: With pygame With pyglet And here's a good overview on hacking MIDI/Joystick ports on standard PCs: PC Joystick Hardware Tutoria
  • Synth Circuit Plans
    Music From Outer Space has quite a few plans, boards, etc for various modular synth components.

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