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  • Python Search Machine
    Whoosh is a search engine core written in python.  Text based store, lots of IR type features, minimal deps.  Should be quite easy to extend.
  • Graph Database
    OrientDB is a graph DBMS which seems to be the new hype in the NoSQL world.  There are a bunch of other similar efforts.
  • REST services in a can
    Don't bother writing loads of boilerplate to create a REST API (in python) these guys can abstract it all or at least reduce it to a matter of modeling: Sandman (makes thi
  • (Almost) NoSQL ORM
    Couple of nice looking python projects: MongoEngine is a tidy looking wrapper for the MongoDB Document-Oriented Database y_serial is a seriously clever looking ORM that st
  • Simple ORM in Python
    This is a super simple ORM for python.  I wouldn't build a huge web site with it but it seems pretty elegant for 90% of what I do. Some other sqlalchemy alternatives: Pon

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