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  • Transhumans Still At It
    Martine Rothblatt is a wealthy, successful, transgendered entrepreneur, having been an executive at several satellite and bio-tech firms.  She's also the founder of the T
  • Academic Lineage of Google
    Seymour Papert is the creator of LOGO and an important early AI researcher.  He was strongly influenced by the constructivist ideas of Jean Piaget.  Papert was the docto
  • Daydreaming Machines
    A bunch of automatically collated links about machine daydreaming .
  • Software for Winning at Jeopardy
    The Discrete Event Calculus Reasoner is able to make inferences about stuff based on a set of formal rules and defined relations.  OpenSource in Python, it was written by
  • Cyc Out
    Cyc was a crazy ambtious AI project started in the 80s by Doug Lenat.  The goal was to model human thought based on a huge ontology database.  Back in 2002, some of the

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