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  • Academic Lineage of Google
    Seymour Papert is the creator of LOGO and an important early AI researcher.  He was strongly influenced by the constructivist ideas of Jean Piaget.  Papert was the docto
  • Archives for Academic Texts
    aaaarg.org libgen.info
  • Open Access Archive for Math-y Subjects
    arXiv.org at Cornell University has a huge collection of open access papers on CS, physics, stats and related quantitiative analysis. Computational Linguistics has gone op
  • More Fake Papers
    Worte.at ( art-words.net in english) is a text synth for "art talk".  Works in both german and english.  It seems to be based on the famous SCIgen which was used to gene
  • Academic Journals Relevant to Media Art
    Kritikos CTheory eSharp Crossings Consciousness, Literature and the Arts Art & Research Image Science Digital Creativity

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