The Infinite Contemporaneity Device

Installation View of The Infinite Contemporaneity Device

The Device consists of a 1.5 meter long cast fiberglass model of the iconic Microsoft Scroll-Mouse juxtaposed with a large projection on the wall. Scrolling the mouse wheel pulls updates from Internet news sources. The first messages are older but prominent headlines. As one scrolls faster, more recent, potentially trivial updates appear on the wall, backgrounded by an accelerating multi-colored tunnel effect. Eventually, when official news sources are exhausted, the device begins pulling up-to-the-second information directly from Twitter at a rate of hundreds of updates per second. One may consume information as fast as the human eye can perceive.

Detail View of Mouse

Technical Specifications

The mouse was constructed using slices of a 3-D model which were printed out and used as the basis for a styrofoam form which was then finished and sealed with plaster. The cast was then laminated with fiberglass and finished. The inside of the mouse contains a scroll wheel attached to a real PC mouse which is used as a sensor. A computer running Ubuntu GNU/Linux generates the live visuals and streams updates from the network. The software was written in Python using the Open-Source PyGame, libSDL and CURL libraries.


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