Insecure Territories

Semaphore Chart

I will be doing a workshop this year with Bengt Sjölen and Martin Howse during Transmediale with organization and support from  We are planning to make an artistic investigation of network protocols.  It will run three days, Feb. 3-5, in our studio in Neukölln from 11:00 - 19:00.  On day one, we will invent our own protocols and networks.  Day two we will cut the wire and attempt to deconstruct existing systems.  On day three we will explore possible interventions in public nets. There will be daily excursions to Tempelhofer Park for field testing and experiments.  Lunch will be served!  Sign up here.

I'll present our results during the Ludic Salon on February 6th.


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Further Exquisition

exquisite_code print-out

I'm off to the Piksel festival again this year.  Jonni Kemp and I are doing a geographically distributed, more analog process this time around.  Sad Sabrina won't be there but excited to try this highly contingent, potentially fragile approach.

Also very excited the exquisite_code novel has finally come back from the printer!  We will have a small release party in Bergen.

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PyCessing at the Merz

PyCessing logo

I will be doing a PyCessing workshop at the very cool Merz Akademie in Stuttgart next week.  This was a great opportunity to stay up nights all week coding features, fixing bugs and packaging for release.  I will do an official launch, complete with a new web site, in the next few weeks.

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