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A Trie is a prefix based, ordered tree data structure.  They are quite fast and sometimes superior to hash tables.  They are quite useful for querying substrings, routing prefixes or grabbing all matching sub-variants.  Here's a python implementation.

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Make a Mac DMG Image from the Command Line

This looks a bit out of date but the trick may still work.  It would make packaging PyCessing for the mac a little easier.

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Big Hard-Drive

Cheap digital storage will revolutionize the ability of oppressive regimes to control society.

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My Kid Could Do That

"Why Hypercard had to Die" is a longish but loving explanation of how 12-year-old kids used to make "Apps" and how the users of the 80s became the software consumers of today.

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Best Infomercial

Quintron's Drum Buddy.  A sweet machine.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Casting

Michal Zelewski has a really thorough guide to Resin Casting and CNC Machining.

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Intentional Non-steganography

So paranoid steganography comes full circle and now the DOD is working on a program to generate fake documents that can be traced back to a "Traitor" who leaks it and simultaneously lowering the credibility of the organization that publishes it.  That's the theory.  The RUU project at Columbia University has an online version.

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