Codex Seraphinianus

Luigi Serafini created the Codex Seraphinianus in the late 70s.  It's a mind-blowing illustrated surrealist encyclopedia written in a secret language.  It seems to come from a thorough yet naive fictional concept of natural history.  Thank you Miho for showing me this.

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Rafael Rozendaal

Rafael Rozendaal is an internet / interface artist who leans towards the formal and cartoonish.

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MediaSPIP is a very ambitious new CMS for communities or organizations that supports a ton of media formats and seems to deal especially well with the whole mess that is video for the web.

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Dann halt ich erstmal an ja? Ja.

Learn German and discover rave-trash culture:

HGich. T - Tutenchamun from Kunibert der Erbarmungslose on Vimeo.

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