Kunstformen der Natur

Ernst Haeckel was an early biologist and amazing illustrator from Potsdam.  His Kunstformen der Natur is pure natural symmetry porno.

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Layered Backgrounds in CSS

Some tricks to create layered and non-repeating backgrounds in CSS.

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Mechanical Turing Machine

A rustic computer made by Jim MacArthur.

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Unicode - the Movie

in Helvetica.

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Electronic Book Review is an online peer-reviewed journal for electronic literature.

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Death and Taxes

Slate has two reviews of David Foster Wallace's incomplete posthumous novel The Pale King.  Apparently, it's about boredom, alienation and humanity in a technocratic world.  It's also suppsed to be really funny.

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Super Greg

Super Greg.  Probably the oldest contagious media / viral media web phenomena I can think of, featuring Sasha Baron Cohen before he blew up.  See also Rubberburner from the same folks.

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Mark Marino

Mark Marino is an electonic literature artist and a really cool guy.  I met him in Bergen.  He teaches at USC and maintains a blog / conference on Critical Code Studies.

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Decent Mechanical Keyboards

The Cherry G80-3000 is a classic for under 50 bones and the G84-4100 has a really tidy little form-factor.

More geeky detail than you could ever want here.

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