Rotters Golf Club

Andy Weatherall is one of my all-time favorite DJs. He's got his own label: Rotters Golf Club. Despite being involved in making music since forever, he's only just got around to releasing his first solo album: A Pox on the Pioneers. I'm definitely digging this cut of pop with a bunch of dub, synthy disco, rock-a-billy and moodiness thrown in.

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PCB Printing with Inkjet

Some engineers from Las Vegas have come up with a cool hack to print etch-resist directly onto a copper PCB using an inkjet printer with one of those CD/DVD printer gimmicks. Clever but a little to expensive for me.

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Too Bad He Won't Get Elected


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Piksel '09

Some cool stuff this year. Too bad I don't get there 'til the 20th.

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Drone Synth

The guys at Casper Electonics have a really nice looking box that they call the Drone Lab. The design is pretty simple and well documented. I think I might crib some bits for my own machines.

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Beyond Body and Soul

Great collection of old soul tunes on YouTube.

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Crystal Covered Tenement Flat

British artist Roger Hiorns got permission to coat the walls of an apartment in a condemned building with crystals. The work, called "Seizure" runs till January. I probably won't get to go but the photos are amazing.

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Convert Gerber to G-Code to cut a PCB on a CNC

If you understood any of the references in the title of this post then this little script might be useful.

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Yahoo Finance Library for Python

Lose money the pythonic way: ystockquote

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Make a PDF Presentation in like 5 Seconds

Instead of fighting with crappy presentation software, just make a folder with a bunch of nice images and handmade slides. Name the files like 1.jpg, 2.png, 3.jpg, etc. Make sure you have Image Magick installed and use this hot tip to put it all into a PDF. Deploy anywhere!

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Air Powered CPU

An 8-bit processor that uses sets of tiny pressure valves. Quite rustic! Thanks to Jonathan for the link.

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Locksmith in Berlin

If you have the misfortune of getting locked out of your apartment in Berlin, you should call Jörg Lisowski. They are nice, come quickly and are reasonably cheap.

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Open Source Camera Hacking

Some folks at Stanford are working on a project they call Computational Photography. Cool to see digital photography becoming more hackable in the capture phase. The Linux based "Frankencamera" looks nice!

I also recently discovered digiKam, a KDE based professional photo management tool. I have not really played with it but it looks pretty powerful tool that combines some of the features of both GIMP and F-Spot, along the lines of Aperture.

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Misc Text Art Hackers

Eric Scovel seems to be a guy living in Indiana who has studied writing and is now working on some interesting generative text stuff. His blog is here, including code.

This dude Adam Parrish teaches a course at NYU on artistic text generation with Python. Cool stuff.

Digital Humanities Quarterly accepts "interactive" works including "hypertext literature".

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Fleamarkets in Germany has a pretty exhaustive list of German flea markets. Pretty useful when you get sick of Mauerpark.

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